Boss Babe Spotlight: TRICHOLOGY

Growing up, I always wanted “funky color” hair. In fact, my high school sweetheart was one of those guys with the ever-changing rainbow of hair colors (he was in a band, too, of course). I wanted that for myself, but for some reason I didn’t have the confidence. Over the years, I’ve been working so hard to accept the person I am, and allow myself the freedom to wear my hair as an artistic accessory. When I decided I was finally brave enough to take the plunge, I began searching for the perfect hair stylist which led me down an Instagram rabbit hole of #fullertonvividhair and so on, which led me to @jessscissorhands She helped me shyly dip my toes in vivid hair color, and so began a new love. I only wish I had the time to invest in myself to maintain it. Alas.

That was in 2015. Over these years, I’ve loved watching Jess grow as an artist and a person. She’s clearly so passionate about what she’s doing, and so wonderfully talented. When she told me she was opening a salon alongside Laura, it really was no surprise. That’s because she’s a #bossbabe and is always chasing goals. Which is why I love her, and so happy to spend time together when I’m able to secure childcare for a 2-3 hour hair appointment (#momlife).

Speaking of mom life, my sassy five-year-old who decided he wanted to grow his hair out, is the reason I’ve gotten to know Laura. Tired of the standard barber cut for my little dude...we decided to let Laura take over his hair care needs which led us to a new friend.

Watching these two ladies put their everything into opening Trichology salon has been such an inspiration, and I’m so proud to feature them as the first Boss Babes of 2019!

Jess Tittle

Jess Tittle

Laura Mussche

Laura Mussche

How did you lovely ladies meet?

LAURA: “Salon Technique. Where I saw the drive I had & no one was nourishing that so I asked her to please take the station next to me. The end.......”

JESS: “We met at salon technique in 2012. she mentored me and eventually and I started working next to her and now we own a salon togetherrrr.“


What inspired you to become a hair stylist?

LAURA: “My friend was in beauty school & invited me to come get a conditioner treatment because I wouldn’t let her cut or color my hair! As soon as I saw people painting on hair I was hooked!!!!! Never ever grew up wanting to be a hairdresser! LOL”

JESS: “I was always artistic and hated school. Somehow I found that playing with hair was so damn fun and it wasn't until I was 14 that I realized it could be a career.”


How did you get to where you are now?

LAURA: “With a little help from my friends..... also my stubborn pride & drive that’ll never cease to exist! Plus Jess...... Jess has known me long time. She’s my better side!”

JESS: “Lots of hard hard work and people who encouraged me to follow my heart and chase my dreams.”


What is Trichology all about? What’s the vibe/what do you hope to bring to the industry?

LAURA: “Individuality!!! I hope to strengthen young stylists confidence & that’s not referring to hair skill (of course that’s what we’ll do!) however, strangely our industry lacks so much confidence in themselves! Their feeling of “having to do whatever the client expects” is ridiculous! Some things are unattainable & I think we should be confident in saying “no” Like when a Dr says “there’s no more we can do.” 

JESS: “For sure individuality! Nothing better then having a team who are confidant and make their clients feel their best! Building each other up is huge for us!”


What do you hope to do more of in the coming year?

LAURA: ”Relaxing hahahahaha jk Education, being grateful for everything I have & travel.”

JESS: “For me I want to travel more with Pulpriot, educate more and build a stronger & educated team


What does being a #girlboss mean to you?

LAURA: “Being a strong leader and show girls to always follow your dreams!”

JESS: “Fearless fucking leader. Not being afraid to fail at something. Just going for it and taking chances. That’s the hardest part.”


Thank you ladies SO much for taking some time out of your busy schedule, to tell us about yourselves. Also, for spending a Sunday afternoon with me and letting me photograph you! muah

If you’re looking for a new salon in the downtown Fullerton, CA area, I love these ladies and the space they’ve created at Trichology | 110 N HARBOR BLVD SUITE B, located in the back of All Hallows Ink. I won’t lie…it makes me want a tattoo every time I go in, when I hear the tattoo guns from next door, but maybe that’s just me?