Hi! I'm Mandy Merino, and I'm a boudoir photographer based in Orange County, CA. I'm on a never ending journey of self discovery, and hope to inspire other women along the way. I treat them to the boudoir experience of a lifetime, and then show them how beautiful they are in luxury printed products. It's so much more than some "sexy photos" for a significant other - it's an opportunity to see yourself in a whole new light, and often rekindle a confidence that may have dimmed over the years. 

I also make regular trips to Central Kentucky to visit family, so you might catch me there too! 

Why Do I Shoot Boudoir...?


...because I love hanging out with smart, beautiful women. You inspire me! We ladies need to support one another and build each other up. I want to capture your beauty in a unique way by revealing who you are, when you let your guard down.  

..because I'm a girly-girl. I love hair & make-up and playing dress-up. Getting the opportunity to work with professional hair & make-up artists to doll you up is such a dream for me. Plus, I get to shop for lingerie on the regular and it's considered "work"! 

...because I crave deeper friendships and relationships. Having the opportunity to get to know my clients on a more intimate level is good for my soul. I hope that each of my clients walks away with a new friend.

...because I like to make art. Boudoir allows me the creative freedom I desire from photography. My objective is to find unique ways to capture your angles and curves by taking an artistic fine art approach.   You'll leave your viewing session with a gallery of image worth of display on your wall (or at least a sexy leather album showing your highlight reel). 

Wanna Know More About Me?

You'd probably pass me in the grocery store with my toddler yanking on me, no make-up, hair in a ponytail and never imagine that I was doing such salacious things with a camera (wink).

I'm an artist who needs and outlet, and when I found boudoir photography...I found myself! Being able to explore my creative side and create makes me a better person, and in turn a better wife and mother. 

I know all too well how everyday life can take it's toll and leaving you feeling less than sexy. That's why I want to help other women discover how beautiful they are.   

I'm originally from Kentucky, but knew after college that I wanted adventure. I wanted to live in the BIG CITY! So, I loaded up my old car and looked in the rear-view. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I said goodbye to my Mom and family as I headed to Chicago. That city changed my life. It's where I met my husband, where I started my career and where I made lifelong friends. 

Fast forward a decade or so (*sigh*), and here I am in Southern California. Hoping to show all the beautiful babes around me just how gorgeous they are.