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The Mandy Merino Boudoir experience is designed to feel like a day hanging out with your girl friends, feeling beautiful and walking away more empowered than when you came in. To face the insecurities that you have (we ALL have them - regardless of size or age) and to see the beauty that's within you. Look past your perceived "flaws" and love the person you are and body you have. 

So when I get feedback like this from clients, it makes me so happy. Spoiling women and making them feel gorgeous is what we do...and we do it pretty well! We're your #girlgang! 

Here's what Mrs A had to say about her boudoir experience!

"Prior to having my son, I have always had a dominate feeling of "blah-ness." Because I was always made fun of for being too skinny, too flat, too boyish, I carried it with me-even into my adulthood. The only times I ever felt great about myself was when I had my hair done, my makeup done, and my heels on! 

After having my son, I started to feel this incredible sense of womanhood! I still felt too skinny, flat and boyish, but it wasn't as intense and it didn't really matter. I made another human! 

I wanted to do this shoot because I wanted to memorialize this part of me. My climb to my prime. Also because my husband always tries so hard to make me feel beautiful and this is my way of thanking him! 

I am proud that, despite feeling like I would probably be judged, I did it anyways!


"This is, like it is for most, something way out of my comfort zone. I hate feeling nervous and on the day of, even thought about cancelling. lol I make weird facial expressions when I'm trying to "make love to the camera," so I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to pull this off. 


"I keep thinking about glam time! Not because I was being pampered (even though I really was...and you will be too), but because it felt great to hang with other women who are all about empowerment! They totally felt like my girl gang for the time we were together. I absolutely loved that!


"I thought I would be a total nervous wreck the entire time. Once the ball got rolling, I was fine and even went topless!!


Advice for women considering a boudoir session of their own?: 

"Do it!! Mandy is so professional and her confidence in her work helps with the nerves. She won't let you down and you will not regret it. The worst that can happen is that you walk out of the session still feeling badass for doing something you weren't sure about. This is the time to just live!

" I guess this is going to sound arrogant, but it made me feel like the underdog I grew up feeling like, is finally on top!"

"I guess this is going to sound arrogant, but it made me feel like the underdog I grew up feeling like, is finally on top!"

What's it been like working with Mandy?:

"I was really impressed with her professionalism. She goes above and beyond and is with you every step of the way. Literally. The moment you sign the contract she is making Pinterest boards for you, joining you at the mall to help you select the perfect look, or at the very least, always avail if you need to send her an outfit via text. 

During the session, she is directing you, she is sweet & she is diligent. While you are getting ready, everyone is chatting away! Girls day! Woohoo! 

She won't leave you out to dry and you will leave this experience feeling like you made a friend."

So...what are you waiting for? Are you in need of a girls day with your new girl gang? Get in touch! 

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