No tanning! Try to keep everything covered from the sun in order to avoid tan lines. Also, now is NOT the time to experiment with sunless tanners or bronzers. Unless you spray tan regularly and have someone you trust 100%, please avoid it all together. This includes the tanning bed. The camera has a tendency to read tanned skin as orange and just doesn’t photograph well. Please trust me on this.

Start shopping for your wardrobe. Many specialty lingerie items have to be ordered from the internet, so you need to allow time for shipping and returns.  It's never too early to start this.



Get your hair done! If you color, now’s a good time to get the roots touched up if you need maintenance.

Drink LOTS of water. 



Do your nails! Whether you go to a salon, or just do them yourself, don’t forget about the fingers and toes. I’d recommend a light neutral shade, a color that’s classic or unpolished. You want to be able to look back on these photos in 20-30 years and not be distracted by trendy nail color.

 If you wax, do so now. It’s nice to allow a couple days just in case of any skin irritation or redness.

Get a facial (don't experiment with anything new in case your skin doesn't react well). Now's the time to treat your skin well and pamper yourself in preparation for your close up! Go ahead...indulge yourself in supermodel treatment. ;) 

Drink MORE water! Seriously, proper hydration makes your skin glow and will look amazing in your photos. Try to avoid any foods that make you feel bloated. 



Wash your hair! Slightly dirty hair on the day of your shoot is best for styling.

Gather all your wardrobe items together. Iron or steam anything that needs it, and bring those items to your shoot on a hanger. Please don't shove them in a bag to wrinkle. Those types of details can make a big difference in your photos! 



Eat! I know you might be nervous, but please try to eat a little something. Your body needs fuel for all the fun and posing that’s about to ensue!   

If you don’t wax, now is the time to shave your legs, armpits and bikini line. We’re going to be all up in your business during the shoot and want you clean & smooth.

Exfoliate and moisturize your whole body. Please avoid any lotions with glitter or shimmer, and bring whatever you use in case your knees or elbows get dry during the shoot (I have some here too).

Arrive at your shoot with your face clean, hair clean & dry, and wear loose fitting clothes to avoid elastic marks from tight bras/waistbands/etc. Feel free to bring a robe to wear while you get your hair & make-up done if that's what you're comfortable in. 


Once you arrive, we’ll lay out all of the wardrobe options that you brought along and finalize the looks. Feel free to bring anything that you have ideas for, and we’ll see what works out. Think about your personality, and what makes you feel beautiful and sexy. We’ll photograph 3-4 different outfits/looks.

 Some specifics on what I recommend you bring in addition to any other ideas you have:

  • Lacey bra & panty set(s). Go for panties with a little more coverage, verses a thong. The cheekie kind. Get fitted for a bra if it’s been a while! A good fitting bra can be your best friend, while an ill-fit can cause unflattering squeezing of skin.

  • Lingerie. Teddies, bodysuits, corsets, body stockings…the sky is the limit!

  • Sexy dresses, slips, shape wear. Anything that's well fitted and curve hugging. Think outside the box, and find stuff that makes you feel gorgeous and confident.

  • Wraps, sweaters or shirts for a casual look.

  • Nada! Sometimes the best outfit is nothing. A fine art nude set of images can be one of the most beautiful and empowering looks you can have. Bare it all, or use a white sheet to discreetly cover your naughty bits - do what's comfortable to you.

  • High heels (ideally a black and nude pair at least– try to avoid shiny patent leathers if possible as they don’t photograph as well)

  • Thigh highs/stockings (if you’re planning to wear them).

  • Accessories (I’m not big on lots of jewelry, but sometimes a necklace, ring, earring or bracelet can add the perfect touch to a look).

  • A playlist with your favorite getting ready/shake your booty tunes. Feel free to DJ your own session with your favorites if you’d like, or you can leave it up to me!



Expect this to be a day to relax and have fun! This is a safe place to love yourself, relax and connect with your intimate side. My hope is that by the end, it will feel like spending a day having fun with your girlfriends, playing dress-up and taking cool artsy photos. I’m super excited!